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Rusty and Mia, Poodles
Meet Mia and Rusty! Mia is a 14 year old silver, female Toy Poodle, and she weighs about 6 pounds. Her life partner, Rusty, is a 13 year old male apricot Mini Poodle, and he weighs about 15 pounds.  They arrived in foster care when their previous owner had to move in with family and they could not come along. They have settled into foster care well and are ready to find a forever family to continue their lives with. As they are a bonded pair, we will not separate them, so please do not ask. As they are senior puppers, they have a few senior ailments, but nothing that stops them from living life to the fullest - just things to note for the future.  As is common in small poodles, Mia has a heart murmur, but is not symptomatic and loves life! Rusty has a mild collapsing trachea and it is only noticeable when he gets super excited or really exerts himself, but it quickly vanishes. Both have very mild cataracts, but retain full vision. Their foster mom says, "Rusty and Mia are the sweetest pair of dogs you will ever find. They are completely adjusted to living in a home and love to be around people. They will snuggle with you on the couch all day if that is what you want. Both of them are very easygoing and have accepted any new adventure with calmness and poise, even golf cart rides! They have no problems with other dogs and have not shown any food aggression. They are definitely bonded and will check on one another to make sure everything is OK. They do not hardly show their age at all. They don't play with toys, but they can both jump up on sofas and both like to take short walks and sniff in the yard. 
Rusty will even chase you a little bit in the house. Rusty has the most soulful eyes and will come up and just look right at you. I think he may have some hearing loss but it does not slow him down. He does not bark much but he will “talk” to you once in a while with sweet little whines. Rusty is good at doing his business outside and both of them need to be taken outside every 4 hours or so on a consistent schedule.  Sometimes Rusty can not hold it overnight (if you leave the water down too late) but he has no problem wearing a belly band, so it is not a big problem. Mia is a little firecracker. She will bark to let me know if someone is going by the house or an animal is outside, but quiets down quickly. The sweetest thing is when she snuggles up to me and puts her tiny little paw on my hand for petting...irresistible. Mia also does her business outside but has to be watched a little more carefully to make sure you get her outside at the right times. Rusty and Mia would do best in a home where people are around most of the time. They just love their people and will melt your heart if you decide to bring them into your home. They are ready to start loving and snuggling with their forever person! Rusty and Mia are neutered/spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and have had their teeth cleaned! They are fostered in the Orlando area, and their combined adoption donation is $250.

Dixie, a Cocker/Dachshund/Terrier mix
Meet Dixie! Dixie is a 5-6 year old female Cocker/Dachshund/Terrier/something adorable mix and she weighs about 20 pounds. She arrived in rescue from a hoarding situation and has been settling into foster care and learning how to "dog". Please know Dixie is NOT HYPOALLERGENIC, she does shed. She will also need a home with another dog and a fenced yard - these are not negotiable. Her foster mom says, "Dixie is adjusting to being in a loving attention filled home.  She is still startled by new people and new things sometimes.  She is really pretty quiet and she doesn't bark much. Dixie is not a big lap dog, she may jump up on the couch with us for some rubs but doesn't stay long.  
However, everytime you walk by her she rolls over for some belly rubs. She tends to lay and sleep off on her own.  Dixie doesn't really play with toys right now.  She's very sweet, gentle and always has a happy wagging tail.  Dixie loves her some treats but be careful she's a bit anxious and still learning how to take them easily.  She gets along well with other dogs.  We are working on her housetraining, but it will continue to take patience and consistency, and a home prepared for some accidents in the beginning.  Due to her background she will need someone patient, kind and very loving to show her that good people are out there." Dixie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $250.

Pixie, a Chihuahua mix
Meet Pixie! Pixie is an 11 year old female Chihuahua mix and she weighs about 12 pounds.  She arrived in rescue with her newborn puppy, from a hoarding situation. Pixie has weaned her puppy, who has already been adopted, and she is now ready to start to find a loving forever home of her own.  Pixie does have some arthritis in her legs and walks a little "odd" from time to time, but she doesn't let that bother her, just something her humans should be aware of! Her foster mom says that she would like to introduce herself, so, here's Pixie!  Hi there! My name is Pixie and I am an older girl.  I came from a hoarding home and I will need a very understanding home that will go slowly with me and understand I may never be comfortable enough to be picked up and snuggled tight.  My foster mom says I am a very sweet girl who has had a rough life.  I tend to go around and collect treats to bring back to my nest and sometimes my foster mom has to clean it out and redistribute to the others. 
I am protective of my nest/food and will bark if other dogs come near it.  I do not have a mean bone in my body and have never growled or even showed my teeth to my foster mom, even though there were times I was very scared. If there is a blanket I will hide underneath it because that makes me feel safe.  I have started to become more comfortable being out and about with my other foster siblings.  I do not run everytime my foster mom stands up or walks around, but will still run away if you walk directly up to me. I watch the others to see if things are ok and will come up to take treats from her hand, so a calm, gentle fur sibling would be great for me. I have just recently felt safe enough to follow my mom and fellow fursiblings outside.  I cannot be walked on a leash and will need a fenced in backyard.  Until then I will need someone willing to work with me by using puppy pads.  I have been successful but still have a few accidents.  I have had many, many litters and walk a little funny because of it and my nipples hang so I may not be the ‘picture perfect’ little girl, but my foster mom says I am beautiful just as I am.  I am looking for an understanding family with no children, calm fur siblings  and a quiet home with little traffic to show me the love and care that I deserve.  Please consider opening your hearts and home to me, I really am a sweet girl. Pixie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned. She is fostered in the Orlando area and her adoption donation is $225.

Fiona, a Dachshund/Terrier mix
Meet Fiona!  Fiona is a 3-4 year old female Dachshund/Terrier mix and she weighs about 13 pounds. She arrived in rescue from a hoarding situation and has been settling into foster care and learning how to "dog". Please know Fiona is NOT HYPOALLERGENIC, she does shed. She will also need a home with another dog and a fenced yard - these are not negotiable. Her foster mom says, "Fiona does have some emotional special needs as Fiona came from a hoarding and socially deprived background. She has come a long way but has more to learn and will need a therapeutic placement for adoption to complete her adjustment to pet life. This cute girl has been with us for six months. During this time she has gone from a feral and shut down soul to a happy and civilized member of our household. We think she will adapt equally well in time to a forever home, but the transition may be difficult for her and she might regress before she decides to become your BFF. She may resist meeting you or accepting your touch during a meet and great and for some time in her new home. Only someone who wants to patiently take her under their wing and bring her along for the rest of the journey should consider applying and should absolutely be willing to follow the strict transition/decompression schedule and recommendations for shelter dogs. Additionally Fiona should have a securely fenced outdoor area and another dog companion (of any size} to follow as she is dependent on her buddies for assurance
and is very dog playful. She’s ok with cats too. 
She is a little more accepting of men than women so there should be an involved guy in her new home, and no small children. Even with us she is still wary of being “captured” and would rather come to you than vice versa. Fiona sleeps on our bed and is so happy to have affection and cuddles where the people don’t tower over her. She sits by my shoulder on the top of the couch, takes treats with the others, and has learned to wear a collar and harness and to go nicely on leash walks. Mostly though she would like to observe life calmly from the background with happy dance homecomings, a comfy bed, occasional cuddles and treats, and frequent dog play. She would make a great companion for your (preferably male) dog! Fiona came to us without ever having had the option of going outside to do her business and had to discover grass. She first learned to use a potty pad and is housebroken to a pad inside, not to the yard or leash though she is learning. She will go potty in the yard but will also sometime wait to come back inside to find her nice dry pad so her adopter
must be ok with that arrangement, perhaps permanently. We do not crate her often as it makes her a little nervous and she is quite athletic and can leap out of most exercise pens. Here it has not been necessary to confine her as she will reliably find her pad in the house or a room and has not been destructive. Fiona has a short haircut at the moment but her natural coat is long and straight, and she will annually shed out the undercoat so will need grooming to neatly maintain either style."  Fiona is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned. is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $250.

Steffie, a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix
Meet Steffie! Steffie is a 1 year old female Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix and she weighs about 15 pounds. She arrived in rescue after being found as a very pregnant stray and winding up at animal control. No one came to claim her and at the end of her stray hold, she surprised everyone with puppies! She and her pups went straight to a loving foster home, and her puppies are now all adopted out into forever families of their own and Steffie is ready to find a family to call hers! Her foster mom said she would love to introduce herself to you: Hi there my name is Steffie and I am looking for my forever family.  I am a young girl who is very sweet, loving and loyal.  It may take me a little bit to warm up to my new family but once I do I will be forever yours.  I am not a dominant girl and will defer to a dominant male or female  but I do need a human pack leader who will reinforce boundaries.  I am a very smart girl and learn fast.  I have not had any accidents in the house.  I would even hold it when I was in the room with my puppies because I prefer to go to the bathroom outside.  I have a LOT of energy so I will need an active family with a fenced in backyard where I can run around (not negotiable).  
I would like to have other fursiblings but they either need to be older and not care that I am there or smaller so I do not feel threatened by them.  I can also be an only child as long as you play with me and let me run off my energy.   I LOVE walks and love to go running so I you need an exercise partner that would be me!  I can be a little pushy in my play and need playmates that can handle that and humans that can redirect when I want to climb in your lap and give you tons of kisses and ear nibbles.  I need a home with no small children because even though I like to be petted,  I can start playing rough and mouthing so older children only and none of those furry balls with claws you call cats as I do not like them at all. Since I am loyal to my family, I naturally wish to protect them and my home from strangers and will need many slow introductions before I know to trust them.  My family will need to understand this and be willing to work with me.  I love to snuggle and would love to sleep with you at night and sit next to you on the couch while you watch TV.  If you are looking for a loyal and loving best friend I will be it! Steffie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned!  She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $275.

Meet Wallaby! Wallaby is a 3 year old male Maltese/Yorkie mix and he weighs about 6 pounds. He arrived in foster care when his previous family could no longer care for him. He has settled into foster care well, and is ready to find a forever home to call his own!  His foster mom says, "Wallaby is a spunky little guy! He can be very energetic but also enjoys relaxing in a cozy spot. When he is full of energy, he loves to run around, even if it is just in circles sometimes! Once he gets his energy out, he enjoys relaxing by laying on my lap, being held, or sitting by my side on the couch on top of some blankets. He doesn’t care much for toys so he does look for attention rather than entertaining himself at times. He walks well on a leash with a harness, but gets distracted by anyone passing by and will bark, making his presence known while others are in his view, especially if they pass by on a bike! 
He loves being outside but can get hot and tired quickly. He is partially housetrained.He will use potty pads inside but will have some accidents. He does well in a crate or playpen and seems to enjoy having his own cozy space. Wallaby will sometimes bark when he first goes in his crate, but quickly quiets down once he gets comfortable. He is usually quiet at home, but will bark occasionally. He is unsure of new people at first and he may take a little time to warm up while he is learning to trust, so he will need someone who will be patient and gentle with him, and without an overly busy household. Also, someone who is not gone an entire work day would be best. He can be scared by sudden movements or loud noises and would do best in a home without small children. He is NOT a fan of larger dogs, and can be quite dog selective in general. Wallaby Loves having your attention, so he would be fine as an only dog. He's ready to find a loving forever home!" Wallaby is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned.  He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $375.

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