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Archie, a Pomsky
Meet Archie! Archie is a 4 month old Pomsky puppy and he weighs about 11 pounds. He should stay under 30 pounds full grown, but we can't promise that. Archie arrived in rescue as part of an "oops" litter. He has been thriving in foster care and is ready to find a forever family that is up for the challenges of all things puppy - including leash training, housetraining, socialization and what to chew and not chew. He will need an active family that has a lot of time to spend with him to keep up all of his progress on life skills and manners! His foster mom says, "Archie is a super sweet puppy that loves to play and do all things puppy but also enjoys snuggling and belly rubs.  If you rub his belly he will close his eyes and soak up all the love he can get!  
Archie is a little quieter and more submissive than his litter mates although he can still get into mischief and will happily follow along for a jailbreak from the puppy pen.  He has been learning to walk on a leash and meeting all the neighbors and other dogs in the neighborhood.  He especially likes the older kids and will give them hugs and kisses.  He is a smart pup who is very good about using the piddle pads and he will need someone to continue to work with him on housebreaking.  Archie loves his doggy bed for sleeping and hiding toys.  He gets along great with his foster brothers and any other pup he meets, big or small." Archie is neutered, up to date on vaccines, on flea and heartworm prevention and microchipped. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $500.

Oliver, a Beagle
Meet Oliver! Oliver is a 1.5 year old male Beagle and he weighs about 15 pounds. He arrived in rescue after being purchased as a "pandemic puppy" but wound up being way too active for his family. He has settled into foster care nicely and his foster dad says he would like to introduce himself: Herrrro, my name is Oliver!  I’m a very friendly little boy and looking for my new best friend.  I am cute, sweet, loving and loyal.  I am super playful but I also love laying around and relaxing.  Although I am crate trained, I prefer to roam around the house instead of being locked up and if you let me, I can be the perfect cuddle buddy in bed at night.  
I am leash and housetrained, love treats and have a few favorite toys. In my free time, I enjoy chasing squirrels and playing with sticks.  I’m great with kids and other dogs.  Although I enjoy making friends with other dogs, I can get pretty vocal when they ignore me.  If you are looking for a loyal and loving best friend, or just a new shadow, then you should definitely pick me!" Oliver is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and microchipped. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $400.

Linc, a Schnoodle mix
Meet Linc! Linc is a male 15 week black Schnoodle, who already weighs 22 pounds, and is a bundle of puppy energy! Mom was a giant Schnauzer and Dad a standard Poodle so Linc is going to be a big boy! He will be around 50-60 pounds full grown. PLEASE NOTE LINC IS NOT HYPO-ALLERGENIC, HE DOES SHED AND CAN TRIGGER ALLERGY ISSUES. HE IS NOT ALLERGY FRIENDLY. Linc arrived in rescue after being given to a family as a surprise gift, but mom has severe allergy issues and medication is not helping. His foster mom says, "Linc is working on his housetraining and training but needs a family who is patient and willing to help him learn his manners. 
He will need continued work with housetraining, leash training, what to chew and not chew as well as socialization and manners.Linc would do better in a house with older children since he still loves to jump and nip. He is sweet and loving and wants to be with his family all the time. Linc needs to be in a home with another younger dog who likes to play (this is a must and is non-negotiable!). Linc is intelligent and loyal and does need to be mentally stimulated to get his energy out. He will cover you with puppy kisses and love all day long if you let him!" Linc is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and microchipped. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $475.

Manny, a Lhasa/Shih Tzu mix
Meet Manchester (aka Manny). Manny is a 4-5 year old Lhasa/Shih Tzu mix and he weighs about 35 pounds. He arrived in rescue after being abandoned at his previous home and winding up at animal services in very rough shape. He has settled into foster care, receiving lots of medical care and TLC, and is now ready to venture out and find a forever family to call his own! His foster mom says, "Manchester doesn’t like his full name, but does answer to Manny. He is definitely a “floor dog.” He does not like being picked up and so far has not even tried to jumped on the couch or bed. Manny loves to be petted, but does not cuddle. At night, he sleeps on a blanket by the side of the bed. He walks well on leash most of the time, but will try to bolt after rabbits or squirrels, so you better have a good hold of the leash. Manny likes longer walks and usually doesn’t do all his business on short walks. He is housetrained on a schedule and needs to go out about every 3 hours. 
He likes to be near you and will tend to be in the same room as you. Manny sometimes feels the need to stand guard for me while I use the bathroom too. Manny doesn’t fully understand toys yet. He might pick up one and move it, but doesn’t interact with it unless you play with him. So far, he doesn’t really like squeaky toys and prefers crinkle toys or no stuffing plush toys. Manny didn’t know how to deal with my dog at first, but they are fine together now. Manny plays the playful biting way with other dogs which my dog isn’t the biggest fan of so they don’t really play together. He can be protective of his food around other dogs, but can still be fed in the same room just not next to each other. Manny needs a house with no small kids and no small pets as he seriously considered that our hedgehog might make a good snack!" Manny is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $250.

Henry, a Keehond mix
Meet Henry! Henry is a 7 year old male Keeshond mix and he weighs about 14 pounds. Hearrived in rescue when his previous family could no longer care for him. His previous home did have a cat, although his foster mom does not, he did get along peacefully with the kitty. Henry's foster mom says he would like to introduce himself: Hello, I’m Henry and I love my humans.  I have never met a stranger and want all of the pets; however I am not fond of most other dogs; they are stranger danger as I protect my person.  My foster mom would say I am the most amazing little guy mainly because I allow her to sleep in on the weekends. His foster mom states, "Henry loves to relax, not that he is lazy, because he really enjoys his walks.  In the house he prefers to sit by my feet (while working on the computer) or on the other side of the couch when I am lounging on the couch.  He will follow me into the kitchen but doesn’t get under foot as he picks a corner to watch me from, hoping I give him some good treats.  Henry is housetrained if I take him out for 2 long walks a day and one short one.
Henry will let you know when he must go, if you forget. Henry walks on a leash like a champ, just hold on tight if a bird or squirrel passes by as he will give chase. Henry so far has only barked when someone passes too close to the house or when the doorbell rings or on our walks when he sees another dog. At this point, I can’t say he doesn’t like all dogs, but at least he hasn’t liked the ones we have encountered so far.  Henry likes to sleep in my bed overnight, and once I start stirring in the morning he likes to come over and put his paw on my face, which is his way of asking for some pets and morning snuggles.  Speaking of snuggles, Henry is not a lapdog, he only wants to be on your lap if you are actively giving him pets or massages, once you stop, he will either grab your hand for more pets or walk away." Henry is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned! He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $275.

Josie, a Corgi mix

Meet Josie! Josie is a 10 year old female Corgi mix and she weighs about 14 pounds. She arrived in foster care when her previous family could no longer care for her. She has settled into foster care nicely, but would love a forever home to call her own. Her foster mom says, "Josie is the sweetest pup I’ve fostered! She loves to cuddle and is definitely a lap dog!  She currently sleeps with me and is the happiest and most energetic in the morning when she first wakes up.  Josie loves a few minutes of “play time” before getting off the bed and starting her day. She likes to be fed right away in the morning and is definitely a foodie (don’t leave a plate of food unattended!) and picky about her dog food.  She loves walks, enjoys being outside and going for car rides.  This sweet girl is the type of dog that likes to be able to see you at all times, and does not like being left alone.  She loves playing with other dogs that she has met her size. I believe if she had another dog for company, it wouldn’t bother her so much to be left alone. Josie loves people! When a neighbor comes over or someone drops by to visit, she will bark and let you know you have a visitor.  If she hears a door bell on a tv show or commercial, she will bark and run to the door. She’s always ready for someone new to play with! She loves to play “fetch” with a bully stick … until she gets ready to eat it.  

Josie is sensitive to sudden noises and storms make her very nervous. She usually settles down for the night around 8:30 - 9:00 and lays on the couch or floor and waits for bedtime.  I take her outside one more time for a quick potty before going to bed.  I have not been able to train her to use a pee pad, so she would need to go outside at least every 3 hours throughout the day. She will pee quickly, but the other may require more walking.  I live in a rural area where there are not a lot of dogs walked regularly, so that may make a difference.  If you have to leave the house, you may need to crate her because when she gets anxious, she will have an “accident” on the floor.  She does not like to be left alone. Otherwise, Josie is the perfect companion and has so much love to share!" Josie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $275.

Lady, a Havanese mix

Meet Lady! Lady is an 8-9 year old Havanese mix and she weighs about 15 pounds. She arrived in rescue when her former owner became too sick to care for her. She has settled into foster care nicely and is ready to find a forever family to call her own! Her foster mom says, "Lady is a cautious, sweet girl. It takes her time to feel comfortable around new people. She came into my house very uncertain. She's friendly but nervous at first. She will hide a lot and whimper and is looking for a family with patience and no little children. Once she warms up, she is very happy and loves to follow her human around. Lady enjoys sleeping in her crate or any hidden place like under the bed or under the covers. She enjoys playing fetch with her toys. If you put your face near hers, she'll give you kisses! 

She loves belly rubs and head scratches. She is housetrained and walks well on a leash. She's territorial with toys so she's better to be an ONLY dog family, and trust me, she loves her toys! She barks when she's excited to see her humans coming home, if she's getting fed, or has to go potty. She finally comes and lays on my lap on her own and she has to be touching my leg at night while under the covers. Give this sweet girl some time, space and love and she will become your BFF!" Lady is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned! Sheis fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $250.

Brianne, a Poodle/Pomeranian mix
Meet Brianne! Brianne is a 7 year old female Poodle/Pomeranian mix and she weighs about 10 pounds. She arrived in rescue when her family was getting divorced and neither parent could keep her. She has settled into foster care nicely and is ready for a forever family to call her own. Her foster mom says, "Brianne is sweet as sweet can be! All she wants is to do is be right next to her human 24/7 (no exaggeration). She is a couch, bed, chair potato as long as you are with her! She bonds very quickly to her human. Briane loves to sleep in the bed (usually on her own pillow) next to her person. Sleeping on a pet bed on the floor is not an option as far as she is concerned. So far Bri has loved everyone and everything she’s met. She’s great with other dogs (her size or smaller), great with older kids and good with cats! As perfect as she is, she does have a flaw… Miss Brianne is a barker! She will bark if you leave the room and not allow her to go with you (will bark until you come back seriously).
It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 minutes or 2 hours, however when in same room or when she’s allowed to follow you she is the quietest pup ever! For this reason Bri CAN NOT be adopted into a home with shared walls (No apts/condos/townhouse). There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! She will need a home where her family is home more often then not! Brianne demands that her human go outside with her for her bathroom breaks. She will not go outside by herself and needs to go out every 4-5hrs during day! She walks great on a leash. Bri is not a fan of being in a crate and you guessed it … she will bark until let out. If you are looking for a loving companion that is a velcro pup then she’s your girl!" Brianne is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned. She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $325.

Purdy, a Chihuahua/Terrier mix
Meet Purdy! Purdy is a 6-7 year old female Chihuahua/Terrier mix and she weighs about 16 pounds. She arrived in rescue when her former family was too sick to care for her. She has settled into foster care nicely and is ready to find a forever family to call her own! Her foster mom says, "Purdy is a love bug! Her favorite place is next to her human, but if you stop giving her attention and there are others in the room, she will be looking for who is available to take over the petting duties – she loves receiving affection. She is a very loving dog. Purdy is comfortable wherever her human is.  On the couch – she’s by your side.  On the floor – she’s right there. In bed – she is literally right next to your hand. She can be very persistent in letting you know she is close by and in need of being petted. As much as Purdy loves people, she loves food.  She does fine with kibble down all day and she can graze, she is not a little piggy there, but should you have food in your hand she is very interested in what you have. The foster family has restricted her to minimal snacks during the day to drop some of her excess weight.  Purdy will bark to let you know someone is getting close, outside if she hears another pup, but otherwise she is fairly quiet.  If you are out of her sight, she will whine a bit to let you know you left her behind, but she will calm down and stay quiet.  When Purdy first came into foster care, she was all about her foster Dad but has discovered foster Mom is where the food, snacks and cuddles are.  
She does well with the other small pups in the home but has not been around cats or children of any size to know how she would react.  She could be around other pups but jealousy could be an issue – she wants all the attention and she’s not big on sharing her human.  She pulls on a leash, so a harness is a must, but she loves to go for walks.  She has been on her own exploring the fenced in back yard and has grown in confidence as we’ve had her. Even better – Purdy has proven to be housetrained.  A puppy pad is always down at the foster home and she does know how to use it, but she is very good to alert when she needs to go out.  She is extremely good about going out and doing her business. When she first arrived at foster, she was not into toys, balls or into anything other than being a couch potato.  After being around another pup who showed interest in playing ball, that has become her passion.  She now loves to play with the ball.  She will play by herself, but prefers to have you toss the ball to her.  What she hasn’t figured out is ‘drop the ball’, but she lets you tug it away from her.  When she is tired or needs a break, she will take the ball to her bed and have a little rest before bringing it back to carry on with the game. It is our belief that she would be an ideal candidate for training as she is a smart pup! Her adopter will need to continue with the play time to keep her a bit active and to watch the food intake for continued weight loss." Purdy is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $275.

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