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Ernie, a Bichon/Poodle mix
Meet Ernie! Ernie is a 1-2 year old male Bichon/Poodle mix and he weighs about 15 pounds. He arrived at animal services scared and a matted mess. He has had a haircut and is feeling much better as it grows back in and he has really started to blossom and come out of his shell. His foster mom says, "Ernie has the energy of a lighting bolt but the face of teddy bear!  He loves to play and boy is he good at it! He is looking for a forever family with other dogs around his size and age that are up for a game of tug a war and sprint around the yard.  His perfect home would of course have dogs but also humans that were around as much as possible. Another playful dog in his forever home is an absolute MUST, not negotiable. He will bark when he is being leftbut he is just making sure you know he wants to go also, so he needs a home with no shared walls. And what’s better than to get all your energy out and then snuggle with your humans! Ernie is also up for car rides as being with his humans means a lot to him and being in your bed at the end of the night is much preferred to his crate. Since he is so young, he still has some puppy behavior that his foster family is working on with him. 
Playful biting and jumping has gotten better but not gone away (a home with no small kiddos and no senior humans is needed).  His forever family will have to continue to redirect his biting to a toy and to ignore him when he jumps.  Also another reason why dogs around his size will be great to show him the way to adulthood. This pup loves toys but he will make anything a toy so watch what you leave out.  He is great both on leash and in the yard, which he would love to get all his energy out. He is doing well with housetraining, just a few accidents, but he must be kept on a strict schedule. He is currently in a house with two cats who have (much to their dismay) become his best friends! He has a sensitive stomach and is doing well on a salmon/grain free kibble. He is a love, could you be his forever love?" Ernie is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned! He is fostered in the Orlando area and his adoption donation is $375.

Basil, a Chihuahua mix
Meet Basil! Basil is a 10–11 monthold male Chihuahua mix and he weighs about 5 pounds. He arrived in rescue after arriving at animal services from a home with way too many dogs. He has settled into foster care and is learning how to "dog", but will need a patient, dog experienced family willing to continue to work with him using positive reinforcement, as he is still very puppy in his antics. His foster mom says, "There are a few things Baisley told me he needs in his furever home. Love, patience, a secure fenced yard, a semi quiet home, with not a lot of commotion, but someone active enough to play with him when he lets you, lots of hard chew toys (he will chew on anything,) someone who is home more than gone and a lap to sit on. He has come such a long way, but still has more to go. He was so scared when he came to me, now he sits on my lap, loves belly rubs, but still runs from me at times. He is still all puppy, working on getting puppy pad trained and doing well. Still won’t move on a leash. 
Sleeps in a crate at night, will whimper at first, but settles down quickly. In order to get him, you have to be sitting on the couch and he will come to you when he’s ready. I you try to pick up him from a standing position, he will run from you. The good thing is he loves being on the couch with you. He can get through and over any gate I have tried. You must never be in a rush to go anywhere. He’s smart and will hide under the couch if he thinks you’re headed out. He loves belly rubs and treats! As far as another dog in the house, he would learn from a confident dog, but he'll also steal their toys. If you give him the time, patience and love, I’m sure he will become the best version of himself. Can you be the committed furever family for him that will take him on the next steps of his journey?" Basil is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned. He is fostered in the Orlando area and his adoption donation is $325.

Rascal and Remi, a Bonded Pair of Cavashons
Meet Rascal and Remi! Rascal and Remi are a bonded pair of sweet boys who arrived in rescue when they're human, who loved them very, very much could no longer care for them due to his own health issues. Rascal (silver and tan) is an 8 year old male Cavashon and he weighs about 17 pounds. Remi (black and tan) is a 13 year old male Cavashon and he weighs about 19 pounds. These sweet boys have settled into foster care, but would love to find a forever home and new human or two to call their own. Their foster mom says, "Rascal is a sweet smart boy! He loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. He is a couch potato and also loves other dogs, not sure about cats.  He doesn’t care for doggy beds or toys. It’s only the couch for him. He loves talking and he talks a lot! You can get him to quiet down after a minute or so. He walks well on a leash and does not pull and is very calm.  He also likes to lay out in the sun.  Overall he is a sweet calm dog. Remi is also a sweet smart boy. He loves to cuddle, is a couch potato and a lap dog. 
He also loves other dogs, not sure about cats.  He likes doggy beds and couches.  Remi is learning how to use stairs to get up and down from the couch. He walks well on a leash and doesn't like to leave your side. He does not pull and is calm and very slow. Both dogs are not 100% house trained right now but we are working on this. If other dogs are in the home they may mark at first. They are both good with me putting belly bands on them when I am not  able to have a watchful eye on them. This pair of love bugs are full of life and love!" Rascal and Remi are neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, heartworm negative and have had their teeth cleaned. They are fostered in the Orlando area and their combined adoption donation is $250.

Timmy, a Yorkie

Hi Friends! I’m Timmy and welcome to my TimmyTalk!

Hello again Friends! I am very excited to join you for another TimmyTalk and this will be one of my favorites because it’s all about ME! That’s right, this is my TimmyTalk where I begin my search for my forever family! I have some VERY specific requirements and there will be NO exceptions. I am a very special little pup with special needs. I will be honest upfront: If you submit an application for me and do not meet the qualifications because you did not pay full attention to my TimmyTalk, it will be ignored. I know I am going to be a very popular pup, obviously, and the humans here already have their hands full with me and the other pups so they do not have the extra time to teach my friends out there reading comprehension. All my friends are super smart, so certainly you got this. By now all of you, my friends, should know me. I’m Timmy! I am a 1 year old Yorkie. I identify as a neutered male and I weigh about 7 pounds, depending on the time of day and if the humans have properly served my meals. When I arrived here in rescue, I was very sick. It took a lot of testing a great medical team, but the amazing team at UF sorted out that I had a rare type of liver shunt and some extra veins connecting to it. It took almost 6 months of special medications, special diets and a LOT of me training the humans in order to get me healthy enough for my liver shunt surgery. My surgery was a success and I am feeling AMAZING! I now get to live like a normal puppy and do all the fun puppy things that I couldn’t before. However, I do have a special diet (just a certain kibble, non prescription) that I do well on and will need to stay on. I can’t have ANY human food (I have filed grievances with the doctors but they say it could kill me and I kinda like living so….) and my treats must be strictly regulated. For a lot of my life, the food I ate had to be strictly measured as well as what it became when I was done with it in order to make sure my liver was doing OK.  

Because of all of this, my housetraining is a work in progress. I do really well with a consistent schedule, but any variations and welp, it throws me off. I am trying hard, but I will need my humans to try hard too and be very patient with me. NO negative reinforcement! I don’t like it and I won’t stand for it and I will be VERY vocal about it.  Speaking about vocal, I do like to talk. I mean, I give TimmyTalks regularly, so a home with no shared walls is a must. I don’t need the neighbors getting all upset if I need to have a talk at 2pm and they are on a WiFi zoom or trying to watch General Hospital.  Also, please know I do NOT enjoy tiny humans and do not want them in my forever home. I also do not wish to be treated like a tiny human with clothes put on me, I do not find it cute. I do however enjoy regular grooming by a professional. I would ideally like an active family - maybe with some older young humans (teenagers I believe they are called?) As I previously let you know, I am neutered, all my vaccines are current, I am heartworm negative and microchipped. My new family will be responsible for making sure I don't eat things I am not supposed to so that I don't go into liver failure, so please take this into careful consideration before you apply for me. I already have a lawyer retained should you fail to follow through on this so that I can go back to the humans who will make sure I am cared for. They have worked really hard to keep me alive and get me healthy. Honestly, if my forever family had previous experience with liver shunts, that would be incredible, but as long as you are understanding of all my requirements, and want to love me forever, I can work with that. My TimmyTalks are pretty informative and I am happy to teach you!

From Timmy's Human, an update: Timmy has learned that he loves playing with other dogs and going for walks on the leash. He enjoys the beach, but is not a big fan when the water tries to "chase" him. He has a great appetite and if he does not get his food (just his kibble!) in a timely manner he will let you know. He has come so far with learning how to dog. He likes to play tug of war with the other dogs and is learning to play with dog toys instead of shoes. He also likes to be picked up and cuddled on when his humans are on the couch.He has even learned to ask to be picked up. He barks at his humans when we leave the house and when we return. He is also vocal when he hears a loud noise. Timmy enjoys napping in his bed in the afternoon and in his crate at night. He is potty pad trained, but does have a tendency to mistake a bath mat as a pad. I am fostered in the Orlando area and my adoption donation is $500.

Willie, a Chihuahua mix
Meet Willie! Willie is a 1 year old male Chihuahua mix and he weighs about 10 pounds. He arrived in rescue after winding up at animal control because the home he was living in had too many dogs. Willie was scared and nervous, so he came to rescue. He has settled into foster care nicely and is ready to find a forever home to call his own.  His foster mom says, "Willie is a very handsome boy with the most beautiful eyes! He was super nervous and shy when he first came into our home. Now that he has settled in, he is super loving and sweet. He loves to shower you with kisses and loves a good belly rub while hanging out on your lap. When meeting new people, it takes him about 10 -15 mins to warm up.  Willie can be very playful at times. He likes to put your hand in his mouth and nibble on your fingers (totally playing/not being mean.) For this reason, I will not put him with small children as it may scare them. 
Willie came in with other dogs that he gets along great with but will need to do slow intros if you have another pup in the home.He would do best with pups his size or smaller as bigger ones make him nervous.  Willie is not fully house trained yet but we are working on this. He is terrified of a leash and collar so a fenced in backyard is a must while he learns leash training. Update: He gets along with large dogs who can tolerate his “energy”. Recommend a home with a dog buddy to help him with his anxiety when left without his person. He walks very well on leash with his dog buddy. He is very treat motivated and needs redirection with happy nipping and a sturdy chew toy helps his chewing needs. He can now tolerate short stays in sturdy crate with decreased anxiety but would not do well for a full work day in crate. He attaches to his person and is slowly doing better letting other people pet him without immediately running away. Willie doesn't tolerate cates wouldn't do well in a home with younger children due to overstimulation/noise and chewing hazards with small toys. He will put any small found item in his mouth to chew including yard choking hazards so he needs to be watched when playing in a fenced yard." Willie is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchip and has had his teeth cleaned! He is fostered in the Orlando area and his adoption donation is $300.

Copper, a Goldendoodle

Please note Copper is not hypoallergenic - he does shed!

Meet Copper! Copper is an 8 month old male goldendoodle and he weighs about 40 pounds. He is still a puppy and growing, which means he could grow to be larger than 50 pounds. We just want his new family to be prepared for however big he may get! Copper arrived in rescue when his litter was surrendered. He's been doing great in foster care, but is ready for a forever family to call his own. That family must be ready for all things puppy including leash training, house training, continued socialization and learning what is OK to chew and what isn't. His foster mom says, "Copper is a very energetic and playful pup. When he arrived in foster care, he was extremely shy of humans and would back away and run if approached.  However, he now comes for pets and affection.  He's become more confident, however, it will probably take several days for him to bond with new folks. His adopters will need to respect this behavior and go slowly. He barks at strangers and new sounds, so no shared walls.  He goes into a crate willingly, enticed with a milk bone treat.  He is housetrained on a schedule and will bark during the night to let me know he needs to go out.  

He is working on his leash training and his new family will need to continue this training with positive reinforcement, a harness and a secure fenced yard. He loves to run in the yard and play with my other dogs of similar size and enthusiasm. He ignores my small dogs and he's ok with dog savvy cats. Cooper is teething and likes his puppy toys. Beware he has no discretion about the definition of an appropriate chewable and will munch on anything available.  He needs an active, very patient and experienced family, a playful canine friend of comparable size, and a very secure fenced yard (he is a digger). No small children or frail adults, as his energy and puppy incoordination may result in a tumble.  Share your home with Copper and help him express all the love and fun he has to offer!" Copper is neutered, up to date on vaccines, on flea and heartworm prevention and microchipped. He is fostered in the Flager Beach area, and his adoption donation is $400.

China, a Chihuahua mix
Meet China! China is a 3-4 month old female Chihuahua mix and she weighs about 6 pounds. She is still growing and she should stay under 20 pounds full grown but we can not guarantee that. China arrived in rescue after living in a house with way too many dogs that resulted in them all being taken to animal services. She has settled into foster care nicely and is ready to find a forever home to call her own. Her foster mom says she would like to introduce herself: Hey! Hey, my name is China and I’m looking for my new best friend and forever family. I wanted to tell you a little about myself to see if we are a match made in heaven. I was born with limited vision (don’t feel sorry for me because I do not let this hold me back). I have no problems running around the house because I am able to see some. Being that I’m still a puppy and carefree, I run around the house and backyard as if someone left the gate open. 
I love exploring! When I’m not napping or playing with toys I like to follow my humans around and playing a game of "can I catch your ankle in my mouth because your shoes look like toys to me". You see I’m still all puppy and have some learning to do per my foster mama.  I’m not a big barker and typically only join in with the choir when my foster fur friends start singing.  I'm super lovable, sweet and like to cuddle with my people. I’ve also decided that the big human bed is a cozy place to sleep. My foster mom did not allow me on the big bed but I found the steps leading up to it and have learned how to use them all by myself so I sneak up there when it’s bedtime. I love everyone I meet whether human or furry! I’m working on my housetraining and my foster mom says I’m doing great but I still have a few accidents. When my foster mom puts me in my x-pen (when she leaves the house) she says I’m such a good girl because I don’t have any accidents when in it.  I tend to be a little nervous when I’m picked up but I’m getting more comfortable with it as the days go by. I'm not quite sure yet what that harness/leash thing is however with a little work I will be great walking with one in no time. Oh one last thing, I love to give kisses and require lots of toys please ! China is spayed, up to date on vaccines, on flea and heartworm prevention and microchipped. She is fostered in the Orlando area and her adoption donation is $300.

Dolly, a Goldendoodle
Meet Dolly! Dolly is a 3 year old female Goldendoodle and she weigh about 41 pounds. She arrived in rescue when she was retired from a breeding program. Dolly has been working on settling into pet life and is ready to find a forever family to call her own. Her foster mom says, "Dolly is a super sweet girl but very shy.  It takes her a little time to warm up to strangers so her furever family will need to be patient with her. Once she trusts you she is the most loving girl who only wants to get scrubbies.  She will actually fall asleep standing up and kind of snore if you scrub her for a while.  
It is the funniest thing!  She often likes to observe what is going on and will sit so pretty off to the side looking very regal as she watches.  Dolly is very smart and learns quickly.  She loves her toys and will fill up several of the dog beds during the day with her favorites.  Although she walks well on a leash, she can get spooked by noises and will frantically try to get back home so it will be best for her to have a fenced yard and not be in a busy neighborhood." Dolly is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned. She is fostered in the Orlando area and her adoption donation is $400.

Roxi, a Labradoodle
Meet Roxi! Roxi is a 3-4 year old female Labradoodle and she weigh about 35 pounds. She arrived in rescue when she was retired from a breeding program. Roxi has been working on settling into pet life and is ready to find a forever family to call her own. Her foster mom says, "Roxi is a girl who loves humans!  She is a little nervous when she meets a stranger but that lasts about a minute.  After that she wants to be the center of attention and get all the love and scrubs you can give her.  She is also very curious and counter surfs all the time.  Not necessarily looking for food but wondering what is going on up there and what are you doing?  She tries to look in trash cans and on top of stuff when she walks like she is missing something exciting.  She just doesn’t want to be left out of the fun.
We are working with her to discourage all of this, obviously. Roxi gets along with other dogs but larger dogs make her a little nervous.  She would do best as the only dog since she craves so much attention.  When she arrived in foster care she was very anxious and did not like it when she couldn’t be with the humans all the time.  She will do best in a single family home with a privately fenced yard. She is much better now but her forever family will need to help her work through new situations that make her anxious.  Roxi is a very sweet girl with a huge heart and lots of love to give." She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned. Roxi is fostered in the Orlando area and her adoption donation is $400.

Danny, a Chihuahua mix
Meet Danny! Danny is an 3.5 month old male Chihuahua mix and he weighs about 4 pounds. He is still growing and he should stay under 15 pounds full grown, but we can't promise that. Danny arrived in rescue when his previous family could no longer care for him. Danny has been in a loving foster home and is blossoming. His foster mom says, "Danny is a very playful and happy puppy.  He has two speeds; play and sleep and there is not much in between.  He loves to play and can get into mischief at times.  Fortunately, he is smart and understands when he is told no.  
He will happily change his focus when provided with an alternative to the “forbidden” behavior.  He is always up for an adventure and enjoys exploring in the back yard or discovering all the nooks and crannies in the office or other space outside of his puppy pen.  Although he does very well using the piddle pad, he will need to learn house breaking and leash walking, etc. He will need a patient family willing to work with him using only positive reinforcement." Danny is neutered, up to date on vaccines, on flea and heartworm prevention and microchipped. He is fostered in the Orlando area and his adoption donation is $375.

Milos, a Maltese
Meet Milos! Milos is a 7 year old Maltese and he weighs about 11 pounds. He arrived in rescue when his family could no longer care for him. He has been thriving in his foster home. His foster mom says, "Milos is a charming pup who's ready to melt your heart with his fluffy white fur and playful spirit! This little guy is the perfect size for snuggles and adventures. Milos will make the perfect addition to your home if you have toys, lots of toys. He is obsessed with his toys. Pick them up and he'll happily retrieve them throughout the day, keeping himself entertained and you amused. Besides playing, he enjoys exploring the neighborhood. He doesn't pull on the leash but enjoys leading the way with a confident strut.  
No need for a fenced yard! This pup is content just spending time indoors with his loved ones. Milos is a social butterfly with other dogs, cats and older children, making him a great addition to any home. He's a friendly greeter, barking a happy hello to every visitor, but otherwise staying quiet and calm. He's a cuddler and loves nothing more than sleeping curled up next to his human at night and spending his days sitting close by. Milos might experience some anxiety when left alone, not destructive, just chewing on his legs. Fortunately, his foster mom is home most of the time, providing him with the comfort he needs. He is also on allergy meds that seem to work with his allergies. These meds may or may not be permanent. Is Milos the one for you? If you're looking for a loving, playful and easy-going companion who doesn't bark excessively, and you are home more than gone, then Milos might just be your perfect match! Welcome him into your heart and home, you won't regret it!  Remember, adopting a dog doesn't just give them a home, it gives you a loyal friend for life!" Milos is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned. He is fostered in the Orlando area and his adoption donation is $325.

Curly, a Chihuahua mix
Meet Curly! Curly is a 5-6 month old male Chihuahua mix and he weighs about 6 pounds. He is still a growing puppy and he should stay under 20 pounds when full grown. Curly arrived in rescue after a short stay at animal services when he was removed from a home with way too many pups. He has been raised in a loving foster home and his foster dad says he would like to introduce himself: Hi, my name is Curly.  
I got my name because of the unique shape of my tail and although I might be the runt of the litter, I’m FULL of personality. My foster dad says I’m very curious and brave but that’s just cuz I ain’t afraid of nuttin!  I’m a typical little boy….I love to play with my litter mates and toys, run and take naps.  I’d love another young fur friend to play with but would also do ok as the only dog in the home.  I will need a family who is willing to help me learn all things puppy related  (housetraining, leash walking, crate training, etc.)  Are you up for the puppy challenge?  If so, then you should definitely pick me! Curly is neutered, up to date on vaccines, on flea and heartworm prevention and microchipped. He is fostered in the Orlando area and his adoption donation is $350.

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