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Regis and KathieLee, Chihuahuas
Meet Regis and KathieLee! Regis and KathieLee are a bonded pair of seniorChihuahuas. Regis is a 10 year old male Chihuahua and he weighs about 4.5 pounds, and KathieLee is a 8 year old female Chihuahua and she weighs about 6.5 pounds. They arrived in rescue after winding up at animal services in rough shape, with Regis needing his eye removed due to an injury. He hasn't let it bother him though, and is still a happy, wonderful pup! They are ready to find their forever home (together, we will not separate them, do not ask)!  Their foster mom says, "Are you looking for a bonded pair of cuteness that will steal your heart and keep a smile on your face? Yes? Well ... here ya go! Regis and KathieLee are the happiest pair of Chihuahuas that we have ever had the pleasure of fostering. Their tails never. stop. wagging! They both love to give kisses (Regis especially), get belly rubs, and cuddle up next to you on the couch, in your lap, on your bed, in a chair basically they love to be anywhere you are. Be prepared to have both hands ready at all times as they will jump over each other in an attempt to get their pets first. If they feel like you are not happily obliging to their petting demands they will nudge you until you give in. Regis and KathieLee get along well with pups their size but due to all the attention they demand and deserve, they would do best with no other fur friends (unless there are more than two people in your household to accommodate their petting needs). 
They are not housetrained 100% but we are working on it. They will use potty pads but don’t always hit the mark. KathieLee is always willing to go out in the backyard for a stroll but Regis needs a little coaxing or to be carried out.Regis loves to be held and will smother you in kisses if you let him. He LOVES his toys so have plenty of small ones available for his entertainment. He also has a funny habit of sitting down every time you go to pick him up. KathieLee does not appreciate being carried around and due to her nervousness when picking her up, she will do a submissive tinkle (she has gotten better with this as she is settling in more and more). Like most women Kathi Lee likes to sneak food from her partner's plate so they need to be fed separately or closely monitored so Regis can have a full meal. This will also help her to watch her girlish figure she is currently working on (quarantine weight .. no judging) A harness/collar makes them nervous - like they will lay down and not move, so they will need a fenced in yard or a secure exercise play yard with supervision at all times as they are super tiny! Adopting this adorable duo will bring so much happiness to your heart and home!"  Regis and KathieLee are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and have had their teeth cleaned!  They are fostered in the Orlando area, and their combined adoption donation is $300.

Angel, a Shih Tzu
Meet Angel! Angel is a 5 year old, 10 pound female Shih Tzu. She arrived in rescue when her previous family passed away and there was no one able to care for her. She has settled into foster care nicely and is ready to find a forever home of her own.  Her foster mom says, "Angel is the sweetest, most loving little girl. It didn’t take her much time to warm up at all. She is fun, housetrained on a schedule and most important loving! Her tail wags a lot! There is nowhere she would rather be than with you, so someone gone a full workday would not be the best for her. She will jump on you with sheer happiness, whether you’re gone an hour or ten minutes. And she’ll climb on you when sitting on the couch and plant herself on your lap. She doesn't jump up on the furniture though, as she does have a locating patella, but after speaking with the orthopedist, he recommended against surgery at this time, as it doesn't bother her, but it is something her family will need to be aware of going forward.  She walks well on a leash, seems indifferent to dogs, although we haven’t run into a lot on our walks. 
She does great with my senior pup and has even climbed in a pet bed with him to take a nap. She did well with calmer children, I’d say 8 yrs and older. She is very friendly! She loves chewing on toys, an occasional blanket and dog bed and she thinks you putting on socks should be a tug of war game. She also is a licker, she licks a lot, she’ll lick you, her toys and blankets. We also play her version of fetch, it’s a very amusing game. She does want her own person, so if there is another pup in the home, there must be two humans. She doesn’t bark too much, but she will whine and make the funniest noises if she wants to be with you. She does need to be picked up to get on and off the couch. Angel enjoys her naps on the couch with me. She sleeps in the bed with me, she will whine until you put her with you in bed, please keep that in mind- the good thing is, she doesn’t hog the pillows. She is a very good girl and deserves a loving home!"  Angel is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned!  She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $300.

Cosmo, a Shih Tzu
Meet Cosmo! Cosmo is a 7 year old, 17 pound Shih Tzu mix who is a cool, laid back dude. He arrived in rescue after his previous family passed away and no one was able to care for him.  He has settled into foster care well and has had his medical needs addressed and is ready to find a forever family to call his own!  
His foster mom says, "Cosmo loves belly rubs, nap time in his favorite bed and most of all TREATS. Cosmo is housetrained and leash trained. He is a good boy and does well in the car. Cosmo has some allergies which are very manageable with a special diet and medication. He experiences some dry eye and needs an ointment twice a day, but he is so good about letting you give him what he needs! Cosmo needs a home with no small children or large dogs. He would be fine with very mellow small dogs. He loves to romp around in the yard so a fenced yard would be a plus!"  Cosmo is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $275.

Pixie, a Chihuahua mix
Meet Pixie! Pixie is an 11 year old female Chihuahua mix and she weighs about 12 pounds.  She arrived in rescue with her newborn puppy, from a hoarding situation. Pixie has weaned her puppy, who has already been adopted, and she is now ready to start to find a loving forever home of her own.  Pixie does have some arthritis in her legs and walks a little "odd" from time to time, but she doesn't let that bother her, just something her humans should be aware of! Her foster mom says that she would like to introduce herself, so, here's Pixie!  Hi there! My name is Pixie and I am an older girl.  I came from a hoarding home and I will need a very understanding home that will go slowly with me and understand I may never be comfortable enough to be picked up and snuggled tight.  My foster mom says I am a very sweet girl who has had a rough life.  I tend to go around and collect treats to bring back to my nest and sometimes my foster mom has to clean it out and redistribute to the others. 
I am protective of my nest/food and will bark if other dogs come near it.  I do not have a mean bone in my body and have never growled or even showed my teeth to my foster mom, even though there were times I was very scared. If there is a blanket I will hide underneath it because that makes me feel safe.  I have started to become more comfortable being out and about with my other foster siblings.  I do not run everytime my foster mom stands up or walks around, but will still run away if you walk directly up to me. I watch the others to see if things are ok and will come up to take treats from her hand, so a calm, gentle fur sibling would be great for me. I have just recently felt safe enough to follow my mom and fellow fursiblings outside.  I cannot be walked on a leash and will need a fenced in backyard.  Until then I will need someone willing to work with me by using puppy pads.  I have been successful but still have a few accidents.  I have had many, many litters and walk a little funny because of it and my nipples hang so I may not be the ‘picture perfect’ little girl, but my foster mom says I am beautiful just as I am.  I am looking for an understanding family with no children, calm fur siblings  and a quiet home with little traffic to show me the love and care that I deserve.  Please consider opening your hearts and home to me, I really am a sweet girl. Pixie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned. She is fostered in the Orlando area and her adoption donation is $225.

Dixie, a Cocker/Dachshund/Terrier mix
Meet Dixie! Dixie is a 5-6 year old female Cocker/Dachshund/Terrier/something adorable mix and she weighs about 20 pounds. She arrived in rescue from a hoarding situation and has been settling into foster care and learning how to "dog". Please know Dixie is NOT HYPOALLERGENIC, she does shed. She will also need a home with another dog and a fenced yard - these are not negotiable. Her foster mom says, "Dixie is adjusting to being in a loving attention filled home.  She is still startled by new people and new things sometimes.  She is really pretty quiet and she doesn't bark much. Dixie is not a big lap dog, she may jump up on the couch with us for some rubs but doesn't stay long.  
However, everytime you walk by her she rolls over for some belly rubs. She tends to lay and sleep off on her own.  Dixie doesn't really play with toys right now.  She's very sweet, gentle and always has a happy wagging tail.  Dixie loves her some treats but be careful she's a bit anxious and still learning how to take them easily.  She gets along well with other dogs.  We are working on her housetraining, but it will continue to take patience and consistency, and a home prepared for some accidents in the beginning.  Due to her background she will need someone patient, kind and very loving to show her that good people are out there." Dixie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $250.

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