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Please know this page is updated DAILY!!

Finley, a Pomeranian/Husky mix
Meet Finley! Finley is a 4 year old male Pomeranian/Husky mix, a "Pomsky", and he weighs about 18 pounds.  He arrived in rescue after coming to animal services when he was abandoned. He has settled into his foster home nicely, but is ready to find a forever home of his own! Finley's foster dad says, "He is SUPER friendly and loves meeting new people and giving kisses. Finley is deaf and partially blind, but that doesn't slow him down or stop him from playing with all his toys, other dogs, and everyone he meets. He also has hypothyroidism and takes his daily pill (which is super inexpensive) like a champ right from your hand. Finley likes to be where the action is, so will follow you around the house and likes to be by your side. 
Although he can't get up on the couch on his own, he is a great snuggler and will sit with you while you watch TV. He is also good with other dogs, although is a little hesitant at first meeting because of his vision. Once he gets to know them though, he loves to play. Finley also loves running around outside with you and chewing and playing with bones. He is housetrained on a schedule. He is good on a leash as well, but only for shorter walks as he gets tired quickly. Everyone that meets Finley falls in love with him, and he is best described as sweet." Finely is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned! He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $225.

Godiva, a Poodle
Meet Godiva! Godiva is a 10-11 year old female Poodle and she weighs about 6 pounds. She arrived in rescue when her human passed away and no one in the family was able to care for her. She has settled into foster care well and her foster dad said she would like to introduce herself to you: "Hi, my name is Godiva, but you can call me Diva for short!  I’m a very friendly little girl looking for my new best friend.  I am cute, sweet, loving and loyal.  I love to cuddle and be close to my humans, so I will usually follow you around the house but when you sit down be ready for me to jump into your lap.  If my human is not available, then I will cuddle up on pillows or other fluffy locations.  
I’m not a big fan of toys but I will NEVER turn down treats and I like to eat moist/soft foods since I do not have any teeth.  Also, instead of a traditional “bark” I prefer to make cute Porg sounds.  Although I get along with everyone, I get scared by loud noises and sudden movements so a house without children would be ideal.  I do not mind car rides….as long as I get to be in someone’s lap.  I prefer not to be locked in a crate, but I am working on that.  In my free time, I like to relax, sleep and hang out with my tongue out!  If you are looking for a loyal and loving best friend, then you should definitely pick me!" Godiva is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and microchipped. She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $225.

Koda, a Terrier mix
Meet Koda! Koda is a 1 year old Terrier mix and he weighs about 10 pounds. Koda arrived in rescue when his previous family could no longer care for him. His foster mom says, "I would like to introduce you to Koda! He has transitioned incredibly well within his foster home that includes a 10 year old little boy and a 2 year old pup. When he first arrived, he was underweight and we found out that he will never pass up an opportunity to enjoy a meal and being rewarded with a doggie treat. The good news is that Koda is at a healthy weight now. He is housetrained, provided that you stay on schedule with taking him out. He has fun playing catch, running around in the backyard, and the fresh air from a daily walk on his leash.  While his foster mom is working from home, he enjoys chewing on stuffed animals while playing with his foster furry friends.  
Koda definitely needs companionship and would benefit from not being home alone for too long.  His foster mom cannot say enough positive things! He is currently happy, thriving and is gentle with others. He is shy and will greet once he feels comfortable with you.  His bark when excited while playing is cute and is sure to melt your heart as he has a lot of character and much to say. He also loves belly rubs! Important to highlight that he does shed so if you are allergic, please be aware, he is NOT hypo-allergenic.  If you are looking for a sweet and great temperament dog to cuddle with both day and night, then Koda is a wonderful companion for you!" Koda is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and microchipped. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $300.

Bella and Ted, a Bonded Bichon mix pair
Meet Ted and Bella! Ted and Bella are 8 year old Bichon mixes and they are a bonded pair, who MUST be adopted together. Ted weighs about 22 pounds, and Bella weighs about 17 pounds. They arrived in rescue when their previous family was no longer able to care for them. They have settled into foster care nicely, and a ready to find a forever family of their own.  Their foster mom says, "Please know that this bonded pair must be adopted together! They are such sweet pups and it has been so much fun getting to know their personalities! They are learning to walk on a leash but exploring the fenced backyard with us is their favorite thing! Ted enjoys hunting for lizards and needs to be redirected so he doesn’t forget to potty. Bella loves to run and explore the yard’s sights, smells, and sounds. Ted is a little more outgoing and Bella is a little more laid back. 
Both Ted and Bella are house trained but Ted may benefit from wearing a belly band when not being watched to prevent marking. They love to sleep on the foot of your bed or hang out with you on the couch, and will ask for help getting up. If not, they enjoy sleeping in their own bed, and will sometimes cuddle together too. When you come home, Bella and Ted are the ultimate welcoming committee! Bella and Ted would do best in a home with no small children or cats. Sudden movements and sounds startle them, but they are both very sweet and love to shower you with kisses." Bella and Ted are spayed and neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, heartworm negative and have had their teeth cleaned! They are fostered in the Orlando area and their combined adoption donation is $500.

Moto, a Maltese/Poodle mix
Hello Moto!  We would like to introduce you to Moto. He is a 10 year old Maltese/ Poodle mix who weighs about 16 pounds. He arrived in rescue after his previous owner's health failed and he could no longer care for him and animal services wanted his medical needs addressed right away. His foster mom says, "Moto came into foster care after having surgery to remove benign tumor from his back paw and having his tail removed for the same reason. He has fully recovered from his surgeries and even the vet said he is better off without his tail. Now he has a cute little stub!  He suffers from allergies so this will be an ongoing issue for him. We have switched him to grain-free dog kibble and he loves it and it seems to help. He also takes daily antihistamine and needs eye ointment as his eyes have a lot of discharge again due to allergies.  
He is a true lump of love. He is living his best life when he is beside you in your chair, just be sure you have room for him as he can be a bit of a chair hog! He will let you know when he needs to go out to do his business, but he will always find the puppy pad if you need to leave him for a bit. He is not a big fan of walking much, so if you are looking for a walking around the neighborhood buddy, he is not your guy, unless you would like to push him in a stroller, LOL. He gets along great with other dogs and loves his stuffed animals. He will be a great companion for anyone looking for a chair buddy!" Moto is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $250.

Meet Bellarina! Bellarina is an 8 year old female Pomeranian, and she weighs about 7 pounds. She arrived in rescue when her family suffered a divorce and there was no one able to care for her. She has settled into foster care well, but is ready to find a forever family of her own. Her foster mom says, "Bellarina is a doll! She just might be one of our easiest foster to date. She is super sweet and cuddly! One of Bellarina's favorite things is to have her belly rubbed, she will gladly let you for hours if you chose to do so. She will also let you carry her around like a baby. Bellarina gets very excited over mealtime and will talk to you while getting her food ready as if she is telling you to hurry up, lol. She also shows up quickly when it’s her human's mealtime. I feel sure she was fed human food a time or two as she will beg for a few minutes but then finally gives up when you don’t respond. Bellarina does have luxating patellas and although she shows no signs of it bothering her she will need a home without stairs. She walks great on a leash, however, I wouldn’t recommend super long walks.
Although Bellarina isn’t bothered by the other dogs in our home, she does not engage with them much at all. She will share a bed or the couch with them but so far she is not up for playtime. She is quiet for the most part and keeps to herself (where the other dogs are concerned). She’s not a big barker unless it’s mealtime or when joining in with the others. Bellarina has had a few accidents in the home (partially my fault). She will for the most part let you know when she needs to go outside but you need to pay attention to the signs. Bellarina is not a fan of a crate and would much prefer to lounge around the house or on your bed. So far Bellarina has not met a stranger and loves everyone she meets but we’ve noticed she does prefer males or females. She is a great little pup and deserves to be treated like the princess she is!" Bellarina is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had her teeth cleaned! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $275.

Meet Sebastian! Sebastian is a 3 year old, 14 pound, male Poodle (probably Schnauzer) mix. He is a very soft-coated Poodle, maybe Schnauzer mix, and is a brindle-brown. Please note despite his soft coat, he does actually shed, we would not consider him "hypo-allergenic".  Sebastian arrived in rescue after he was found as a stray by animal control and his initial adopter from there was sadly unable to keep him due to a sudden and unexpected change in circumstances.   His foster mom says, "This sweet dog is a happy, goofy and active guy.  He has frequent zoomies and will play with a toy with you or by himself, squeaking away for the whole house to enjoy.  At first he was pretty anxious about his upheaval and expressed this with some nervous activity, finding it hard to be calm.  He adjusted in just a few days. Boundaries and decorum aren’t yet on his list though, and he will be in your lap, on your shoulder, kissing your ears, and seeing if he can share your coffee.  He thinks humans are for cuddling with, cats are for chasing, and dogs are for romping with, so a cat is not a good idea and your dogs should be very tolerant and playful.  
He has a loud bark, but settles nicely in an enclosure or crate and sleeps through the night.  .  He has a potty pad in his enclosure and uses it or will alert you that he needs to go out.  He takes some extra time to do his business outside because there is so much to look at! If you give him the time to focus on his business he is mostly housetrained, but his new owner will need to learn his time-table and perfect his house-training.  Because Sebastian has exhibited some leash anxiety, a fenced yard is a requirement, and not-negotiable.   He is happy to meet people in the house but is nervous outside on a leash and barks at on-comers, so he needs patient leash experienceAdditionally, frequent free outdoor exercise moderates his indoor activity so that his calmer antics are quite adorable.  He is accustomed to a dog playpen enclosure but will also settle in a crate.  Sebastian has not been destructive in the house but loves chew and squeaky toys, which have a short life expectancy!  He already knew all about toy boxes and found ours right away.  It’s now looking kind of empty, so toys (except his treasured lovies) will need some frequent replacing.  This is an innocent, active, and puppy-ish acting dog.  If you would like to liven-up your house with a wiggly bundle of affection, and have the energy to keep up with him, Sebastian is your boy!" Sebastian is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned! He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $300.

First, yes, we know this is Florida Little Dog Rescue, but our Director has had hedgies for 25+ years and is very versed in their care, so we occasionally have hedgehogs available for adoption as well. Please know that all of our hedgehogs will only be placed in hedgehog knowledgeable homes.

Mocha, a Hedgehog
Meet Mocha! Mocha is an approximately 2 year old female Hedgie, who arrived in rescue after living in a home that could not properly care for her, then arriving in rescue with us after her original rescuer passed away. Mocha is a sweet girl who just needs time to warm up to you. Mocha likes her wheel, and likes exploring her cage and surroundings. She does know her name, and will respond. Mocha is still working on adjusting her schedule to be diurnal, but she should be there soon. 
She is still shy at first, but we have been working on bonding, and she would benefit from an experienced home that is willing to continue that with her. She will take treats from you though and we have hand fed her to help with socialization. Mocha is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $100. She will come with her cage, wheel and all of her supplies. If you are interested in applying to adopt, please go to and complete an application (yes, you can complete the one for the dogs, just put in the comments that you are applying for her, and her foster will reach out!). Please know we do not ship, or adopt out of state. Thank you!

Piglet, a Hedgehog
Meet Piglet! Piglet is an approximately 1 year old female Hedgie who arrived in rescue after living in a home that could not properly care for her due to changing work schedules. Piglet is a curious little hedgehog who is still learning what the world is all about. She is working on adapting to a diurnal sleep schedule. Piglet likes to play with her toys and run on her wheel. She would benefit from a savvy owner willing to take the time to bond with her and help with her continued socialization. She is shy at first, but will warm up and respond to your voice. She will take treats from you though and we have hand fed her to help with socialization. 
Piglet is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $100. She will come with her cage, wheel and all of her supplies. Please know we do not ship, or adopt out of state. Thank you!

Salem, a Domestic Short Hair Cat
Meet Salem! Salem is a 5-6 month old male DSH and he weighs about 6 pounds currently. He arrived in foster care after some big adventures as a young kitten that included somehow winding up in a car engine, then when he was rescued from there, a hawk tried to snag him as a snack, but thankfully the humans close by saw the hawk and scooped Salem up before he did. Although our rescue is a dog rescue, my daughter was home for the summer and happily took Salem in. Salem has been raised in a loving foster home since he was around month old. Since his arrival he has not had one single accident outside of his litter box. He is very smart and very curious. He has been raised around dogs and shares my daughter's room with a senior Pomeranian, who Salem thinks is his best friend. Oreo (the Pom) lets Salem play with his tail and they sometimes snuggle. They share a water bowl and Salem enjoys having the company. Salem likes affection from his humans, but in shorter spurts and more on his terms, although he does sleep snuggled up alongside or at the top of my daughter's bed with her. He is full of personality and will talk to you, especially if he is ready for breakfast or dinner. 
He has never been outside since arriving in foster care and is a strictly indoor cat. He does like to explore around the house and sit on the windowsill and get some sun. Salem has also had the experience of being bathed, and while he is not necessarily a fan, we have managed to come out of the experience with all of our appendages and no lasting scars or scratches, LOL (he's actually somewhat decent about it). He loves to play with his toys and his favorite game is actually to push one of his little mice under my daughter's door out into the hallway and wait for you to push it back to him. As my husband is highly allergic to cats, we do not have any other cats, just dogs and hedgehogs, so I can't say for sure how he would do, but Salem is pretty passive and submissive with all the living things he has encountered here. We really do adore him and can't say enough good things about him, Salem is a wonderful, special kitten that is looking for a family to love and appreciate him forever! Salem is neutered, up to date on vaccines, on flea prevention, FeLV/FIV negative and microchipped. He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $50.

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