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 Meet Meeko! 


Meeko is a 2 year old male Westie/Maltese mix and he weighs about 11 pounds! His foster mom says, "Meeko is a charming, energetic and inquisitive little guy who is looking for his furever home. He loves a good game of fetch or just romping around with some toys. It took him about a week to warm up to my dog, but now he loves to wrestle, play and chase. What he loves most is attention from his human- belly rubs, ear scratches or snuggles, it is all welcomed. He's very smart. Since he's been with me, he has learned to sit, lay down and roll over! He aims to please! He is pretty good with housetraining, but he has had a few oopsies. When kept on a consistent schedule, he does very well. He also goes into his crate voluntarily, because he knows good things happen to dogs in their crates (yay, treat time!!). He sleeps in his crate and does really well, he's out when the lights go off. Meeko is currently fostered in an apartment that has a fantastic view of the parking lot, which he hates. When he sees or hears a person or dog in the parking lot, he feels the need to bark, bark, bark at them. For his sanity (and yours), he should be adopted into a single family detached home. (No apartments.) Meeko does not enjoy meeting strange humans or dogs in his outside time, so a fenced in back yard is a must. This will ensure he can potty and play without the fear of stranger danger lurking around the corner. He also startles fairly easily, so his new family should not have any small children. Since his protection instincts run so high, it is really important that one of his new family members can assume the role of alpha, to keep him in his place as a beloved (non-alpha) dog. This sweet guy will add lots of character and excitement to his new home! " Meeko is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heart worm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned! He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $275. 

Kixa was just adopted by an amazing family who had been looking for a precious pup just like her! Congratulations Kixa on your happy ending/new beginning!

How many dogs have YOU helped us save?
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 What is it Worth? 

What is it worth? It's sad when sometimes, things have to come down to dollar signs. In rescue, that is probably the hardest part for us - we get complaints when we fundraise, we get complaints when we don't take dogs because of lack of funds - We get asked "why spend so much money on this dog", "why didn't you spend more and save that one" - we just feel like sometimes we can't "get it right". Most of the time, we have to go with our gut - and pray the rest just falls into place.  Last month, we met Zander... he was such a hot mess we could barely actually see him beneath all the matted fur. So, we took him in... because no one else would. We cleaned him up, we fed him, helped him heal.  But what was it worth? To this poor pup, who obviously hadn't known kindness or a loving home for a while, if ever - EVERYTHING.  


So when we fundraise, and we are begging you to please just send $3, $5, $10, it's so we can help pups like Zander. If you'd like to help us with dogs like Zander or Precious, we sure would appreciate it - just use the paypal links here.


FIVE! FIVE! FIVE! CONGRATULATIONS FLDR!!! May 2nd, FLDR turned FIVE! Five years, countless volunteer hours, and almost 3,000 puppers saved! We are so proud of all FLDR has accomplished, and are ready to keep going "all-in" for the next five! So, in honor of all those pups and this big anniversary, we asked Jackson to help us kick off "$5 First Friday!" The first Friday of each month we will be asking the pups to "show us the $"! All we are asking is for a $5 donation (but hey, if you want to send more, that's cool too!). Most people think $5 won't go far, but when you add your $5 with 9 other $5 donations? That's a spay or a neuter; with 14 other $5 donations? That's a heartworm treatment..it adds up quick! It's just $5 and you can donate using the paypal link here! Also, we would LOVE to show off your pup "showing us the $$", so send us pics of your pup and their donation, and we will post them on our FB page. So let's CELEBRATE five amazing years at FLDR and make $5 First Fridays just as amazing!! 

Well, what are you waiting for? Go donate, help save a life!


Welcome to Florida Little Dog Rescue Group!

Florida Little Dog Rescue rehabilitates unwanted, abused and abandoned little dogs and places them in loving and responsible homes to live out their lives as cherished family members.  We would love for you to join us by adopting a dog, volunteering as a foster home or donating money to help save the dogs.  We are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, and all donations to FLDRG are tax deductible!

Save a Dog on Death Row!
Many need YOUR help right now!!

Please help us save dogs on Death Row at local Animal Controls. These are dogs that can't be adopted out directly from Animal Control, mainly for medical reasons. When they can't be adopted, they need a rescue to save them when their time runs out.  These pups desperately need our help, we are their last hope!

Click the Picture to Save One More!

 Florida Little Dog Rescue Group rescues dogs from all over the state of Florida, but our main focus is the Central Florida area.  Our volunteers live anywhere from Tallahassee to Tampa, but almost all of our dogs are fostered in the Orlando area.  We are 100% volunteer-based, which means no overhead or salary costs.  Your donation is used directly for dog care. We do not receive government funds. We are entirely supported by charitable donations.

We ensure that each dog is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworms and other parasites, examined by a vet and treated for any known conditions prior to adoption.  All known medical information is fully disclosed to new families.  While awaiting adoption, the dogs live in foster homes that provide love, patience and TLC to the pups! A pup's stay in foster care could vary from several days to several weeks, depending upon the dog's conditions and needs.  Unlike shelter or kennel living, fostering the pups in a home environment allows us to personally evaluate each dog for behavior and temperament issues.  We are able to see how they interact and react to other animals and children, if they are house trained, like to go for walks, play ball, etc. and that makes it easier to know what type of home/family would be best suited for them!

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    Florida Little Dog Rescue Group

    A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization

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