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Hey there everyone......just a quick note....the FLDR Pack has been deeply impacted by the recent tragic events in Orlando. It may take us a few days to get back to "normal" postings, and we may be reaching out for help. A lot of our volunteers and fosters will be dealing with losses, and we may need some help with transports, temporary foster care, etc.

This week, many of us attended the vigil in Orlando. As I looked out into the crowd, my heart was filled with love ~ for... the outpouring of support for OUR city ~ and sadness, as many, many of the faces in the crowd are ones we knew - friends, family, adopters, volunteers, supporters - people we care about feeling pain and anguish because of senseless hatred. However, we are ‪#‎orlandostrong‬ One Community. One Heart. One PULSE. Hate will not divide or conquer us, and our love will unite us.

Thank you so very much, for reading this, for following and supporting FLDR, and for everything each one of you has done for our pups.

 Trivia Nights! 

Looking for something super fun to do every Tuesday night, AND enjoy the amazing weather we are having?? Join our friends at The Hammered Lamb for a fun-filled entertaining night of trivia from 6-8:30, Hosted by the always entertaining Scottie Campbell. All proceeds go to Florida Little Dog Rescue! Come have some fun on the patio and enjoy the weather! 1235 North Orange Ave. Orlando, Fl. 32804 Located Across from Lake Ivanhoe.

During April,trivia nights raised over $350 to help us save dogs from Animal Control. Please go have some good food and good fun and let's save even more this month!

 Meet Yasine! 


Yasmine is a 3 year old female Yorkie/Maltese mix and she weighs about 9 pounds. She arrived in foster care after winding up at Animal Control as a stray with some skin issues due to fleas, and that is now all cleared up. Her foster mom says, "Yasmine is a little and lovable bundle of joy, who very much wants to be with her human. Her favorite place is in your lap and her mission is to shower you with kisses. While in your lap she does the cutest crawl to inch her way up your body to lick your chin. She is good walking on a leash and does her business outside when she's on a regular walk schedule (every 4 hours during the day). She's happy being with other dogs and she is polite with cats. At her foster home she sleeps in her crate at night without a whimper. Yasmine is a quiet dog; I have only heard her bark twice since I have had her. She likes to play fetch with a ball and loves her little Nylabone. She's fairly calm in the house, but when given the opportunity outdoors she loves to run, run, run. Due to her size, no small children please." Yasmine is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heart worm negative and microchipped! She is fostered in the Orlando area, and her adoption donation is $275


Redd was just adopted by a wonderful family who found it in their hearts to open their home to such an awesome rescue pup! Congratulations Redd!

How many dogs have YOU helped us save?



June 17:  I really didn't want to start our updates back like this, but I am just at a loss. I can barely compose my thoughts and feelings to get this posted, truthfully. I was hoping we could post happy posts, not posts like this. This week has sucked. Like, craptastically sucked. Everytime there was a glimmer of joy, of hope, it seems like some other black force has come to smack us right back down. Our team at FLDR has been through it this week - from the loss of some dear friends... at Pulse, to some personal issues, to the pups. The pups in the pictures below. And seriously - it has been rough with the pups - with surrender season starting, and the reasons the pups need rescue? Well, lets start with picture 1 - the three shih-tzus? Well, my sister found them abandoned outside an office building in a crate, with a note on top with their names, and that they were being abandoned because the family was being evicted and couldn't care for them...Uh, ok, we get that, but leaving them in a crate in 90+ degree Florida heat and direct sun with no water in hopes someone would find them. No words. Needless to say, she loaded them up and drove them 4 hours to us. The 2 poodles and the westie and maltese? Dumped off by a breeder because she was "done with them". Picture #2? Full of pups needing to leave animal control STAT. A senior poodle with hardly any teeth, and limited vision, and scared silly. A chihuahua abandoned because her family no longer wanted her, and oh yeah, she is heart worm positive. The stories behind them being there are just heartbreaking, and while it is amazing to see our community come together and support each other this week, it is soul shattering to have to deal with the darkness and cruelty that is still latent. The pain in the pups eyes, the longing for love is so evident. We just want to load them all up and hide in a pillow fort and color all day, because adulting this week is just so hard. So hard. But yet, we will do it. For them. For us. So, here we are again, here I am again, asking for help. Help for these pups that needed us to save them this week almost as bad as we needed to save them. You can donate and help us save lives by using any of the links here on our website. Oh, and today is also my birthday, so to my friends and family, save a trip to the store and help save a pup:) Thanks everyone for all the love and support, please know it never goes unnoticed and is always so appreciated.

PS. Please also know we did have festivities being planned for Duchess's 15th Birthday/Gotcha Day, however, with the tragedy in Orlando we have decided to put those on hold for a few weeks, and we will update you all when we have updated details.

Thank you all for helping her really and truly become a "one in a million pup".

Welcome to Florida Little Dog Rescue Group!

Florida Little Dog Rescue rehabilitates unwanted, abused and abandoned little dogs and places them in loving and responsible homes to live out their lives as cherished family members.  We would love for you to join us by adopting a dog, volunteering as a foster home or donating money to help save the dogs.  We are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, and all donations to FLDRG are tax deductible!

Save a Dog on Death Row!
Many need YOUR help right now!!

Please help us save dogs on Death Row at local Animal Controls. These are dogs that can't be adopted out directly from Animal Control, mainly for medical reasons. When they can't be adopted, they need a rescue to save them when their time runs out.  These pups desperately need our help, we are their last hope!

Click the Picture to Save One More!

 Florida Little Dog Rescue Group rescues dogs from all over the state of Florida, but our main focus is the Central Florida area.  Our volunteers live anywhere from Tallahassee to Tampa, but almost all of our dogs are fostered in the Orlando area.  We are 100% volunteer-based, which means no overhead or salary costs.  Your donation is used directly for dog care. We do not receive government funds. We are entirely supported by charitable donations.

We ensure that each dog is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworms and other parasites, examined by a vet and treated for any known conditions prior to adoption.  All known medical information is fully disclosed to new families.  While awaiting adoption, the dogs live in foster homes that provide love, patience and TLC to the pups! A pup's stay in foster care could vary from several days to several weeks, depending upon the dog's conditions and needs.  Unlike shelter or kennel living, fostering the pups in a home environment allows us to personally evaluate each dog for behavior and temperament issues.  We are able to see how they interact and react to other animals and children, if they are house trained, like to go for walks, play ball, etc. and that makes it easier to know what type of home/family would be best suited for them!

Please note, we are not a shelter. We do not have a kennel or facility that you can visit and see all the dogs. Each dog is fostered in an individual home. We do rescue out of our private homes and in our spare time. So, you cannot come visit our dogs until you have gone through the application and interview process and we have contacted you about scheduling a visit.  We do not have set "hours" and we answer all calls and emails as quickly as we can!

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    Florida Little Dog Rescue Group

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    Serving the Central Florida Area

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    Please note, we are not a shelter. We do not have a kennel or facility that you can visit and see all the dogs. Each dog is fostered in an individual home. We do rescue out of our private homes and in our spare time. So, you cannot come visit our dogs until you have gone through the application and interview process and we have contacted you about scheduling a visit.  We do not have set "hours" and we answer all calls and emails as quickly as we can!
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