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 Stanley's a SUPERSTAR! 

We LOVE getting updates like these on our FLDR alumpups! Jill Rappaport, Award Winning Animal Advocate and National TV Correspondent spends time each spring in Florida, and while here in 2014, she met and fell in love with Jameis, a standard poodle in foster care.  After spending time with him, she decided he would be an amazing fit with her other rescue pups and could be a fantastic ambassador for rescue. Now named Stanley, this pup has made numerous TV appearances to help his mom Jill promote the message of "Adopt, Not Shop" and spread the word that rescue pups rock!  Stanley loves his mom very much, and we love her too:)  (Photo credit Linda Solomon)

 Trivia Nights! 

Looking for something super fun to do every Tuesday night, AND enjoy the amazing weather we are having?? Join our friends at The Hammered Lamb for a fun-filled entertaining night of trivia from 6-8:30, Hosted by the always entertaining Scottie Campbell. All proceeds go to Florida Little Dog Rescue! Come have some fun on the patio and enjoy the weather! 1235 North Orange Ave. Orlando, Fl. 32804 Located Across from Lake Ivanhoe:)

During March trivia nights raised $216 that helped us save two dogs from Animal Control:) Please go have some good food and good fun and let's save even more this month!!

 Meet Chachi! 


Chester is a 3-4 year old male Chihuahua and he weighs about 9 pounds. He came into rescue after being hit by a car and taken to animal control. His back leg was pretty mangled and had exposed bone. We rushed him right to our vet who amputated the leg, and within a few days, Chester wa up and zooming around like a happy pup again! His foster mom says, "Chester is a love bug! He is always a happy boy!! He has such a great temperament, and is a great eater too. He loves his stuffed toys/animals - we have a large toy box of stuffed animals and he brings them out one by one and surrounds himself with them on his pillow. He is working on housetraining still, but is doing much better and a schedule really helps. We have had him on a leash a few times and he did great, although we are mainly out in the fenced yard. He is a little possessive of us (typical Chi, LOL!) but he is sweet enough to overcome that as he becomes more secure." Chester is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heart worm negative, microchipped and has had his teeth cleaned! He is fostered in the Orlando area, and his adoption donation is $250.

Joy was just adopted by a wonderful family who found it in their hearts to open their home to such an awesome rescue pup! Congratulations Joy!
How many dogs have YOU helped us save?



 Very Tough Day.... 

Monday, May 25th - For me, there's just no other way to put it - tomorrow is going to suck. That's what the knots in my stomach have been telling me all day. That anxious, nauseous, sense of dread has been with me all day. I've tried to ignore it - stay off Facebook, avoid emails, focus on other stuff, but as the day draws to an inevitable close, I can't avoid it anymore. I have to get the van ready, and load up crates. Check my list of commitments, available fosters, open boarding spaces, and available funds for vetting, and make all the notes in our intake book. Make sure everything is set for the kids in the morning so I can head out before 7am on the 90 minute drive to one of our partner animal controls, and face their lobby the day after a major holiday weekend. (any animal control lobby can make you question humanity, but the day before or after a holiday weekend - there's no question about it anymore) I have to try and make myself sleep - while the images of all the "needs rescue now" "last day" "please help" faces from emails float through my brain. Rescue isn't something that can just be "turned off" - something a lot of people don't get. It's a passion, a calling, a part of our soul that just IS. We can try and squash it, push it aside, escape, but it always lurks back, creeps up on us, sucks us back in. And on the nights when we know that the next day brings very tough decisions, and that a "no" out of my mouth - a final "no" in a very long string of "nos" means that by the end of the day a life will be gone - through no fault of its own - and not for lack of desire on my part for a different outcome - but the frank realization that there are only so many fosters, only so much available funding - and to overtax and overwhelm our limited resources only means more "nos" later on down the road? It's simply soul crushing. Summer is upon us, and that is the worst time of the year for rescuers - fosters on vacation, donations dry up like the Sahara, and the number of pets dumped off at animal control skyrockets while adoptions come to a virtual screeching halt. It is the perfect storm of endless soul crushing "nos". It can break a rescuer. I've watched many crack. I've cracked. I've sat in tears in a dark room. I've sat crying in a shelter lobby. I've begged and pleaded with my family, and my dogs, to forgive me for that "just one more" foster dog (and they always do - I'm blessed - they're saints - especially considering my husband is allergic to dogs. yup. Not a typo, allergic to dogs). They've had to stand there and hear countless people say "Oh I could never foster, it would hurt too much to let them go", so much so that recently when one of my kids was asked by a celebrity how they can foster, she replied- "yeah, it sucks to leave them behind knowing they will die because I'm so worried about being sad, so it's easier to be happy seeing them live someplace else with a family that loves them than knowing I left them behind to die". Another suckage factor - we also hate asking for money. I don't think anyone really enjoys it, but assigning a dollar value to a life, an actual life, sucks. So bad. And that is why tomorrow is going to super suck. Because summer is here, adoptions are slow, and donations are pretty much non-existent. We beg, we plead, we post paypal links here and on our website, and this time of year we always just fall short. We are limited to who we can save, and tomorrow, that's about 8...out of the 30+ that we've been asked to save, and not including all the new ones in from the weekend. The four in the picture will get their freedom rides - #80 and #79 from a cruelty case with over 80+ animals, and Tyla and Shyann whose "family" "just had too many dogs", and they drew the short straw I guess. For so many, many others - a lot of nos, and a lot of apologies to pups that we have again fallen short, and they're just aren't enough of us, and just not enough money and resources to save all of them. I know we have been "quiet" here on FB the last week, and it's honestly because I try so hard to keep posts positive, upbeat, and highlight the amazing things rescue and FLDR can do, rather than bemoan our failings. However, I also believe in being open about the reality that is rescue, so here it is. Funds and fosters (Orlando area) we need you. Please help. Please open your heart and home for a few weeks to save a life. Please open your wallet and donate. Please like and share our posts. Please lend a helping paw, so maybe, just maybe, days like tomorrow can suck just a little less. So I'm going to sign off tonight, and head out to our storage unit to load some extra crates and carriers. Thank you for reading my rambling, and for any consideration you may have towards helping out. -Laurie

 Mr. Magoo, We Love You! 

$569. One year ago, we asked all of our fans and supporters how much a life was worth. For Mr. Magoo, it was $569 - this hospice case pup needed a safe, loving place to spend whatever time he had left - our vet and animal control both let us know up front if we had a month with him, it was borrowed time. He was in rough shape, no hair, a growth in his abdomen, and pretty much everything else a pup could have wrong, and over 12 years old, easily. Foster mom Debra vowed to love him, spoil him, and make however long he had left the best time he ever had. Well, Mr. Magoo just thrived under Debra's love, and he has decided that he is going to fight to get every extra day he can. So, a year later, Mr. Magoo is celebrating his "gotcha day", having defied ALL odds. He's had some rough bouts, but always seems to rebound. He's pretty much lost his sight, and sleeps a lot more now, but his favorite place is snuggled right up next to Debra, getting love and snuggles. $569 was what we needed to save his life and give him a year. We asked all of you at the time - was he worth it? Your resounding replies were "YES" and we can't thank you enough. In Magoo's honor we would like to welcome Magoo's Minions....pups that we simply want to take a chance on, so that their story doesn't end alone in a kennel when they deserved to be loved to the end of their days, not discarded. This week we have saved several senior pups - and we can't wait to introduce them to you. They need some extra care, but we think they are worth it. Our vet bills are pretty high right now, so any help you can give us would be great. You can use any of the links on our website, or the link below our cover picture on FaceBook. We can't think of a better way celebrate our Miracle Mr. Magoo, who is totally "worth it"! We also have our Amazon Smile Wish List (http://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/…). We also could use foster homes - so if you are in the Orlando area and would like to foster, please email littledogrescue@gmail.com and one of our foster coordinators will reach out to you. Thank you for helping us save lives, because every one of them matters!

Welcome to Florida Little Dog Rescue Group!

Florida Little Dog Rescue rehabilitates unwanted, abused and abandoned little dogs and places them in loving and responsible homes to live out their lives as cherished family members.  We would love for you to join us by adopting a dog, volunteering as a foster home or donating money to help save the dogs.  We are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, and all donations to FLDRG are tax deductible!

Save a Dog on Death Row!
Many need YOUR help right now!!

Please help us save dogs on Death Row at local Animal Controls. These are dogs that can't be adopted out directly from Animal Control, mainly for medical reasons. When they can't be adopted, they need a rescue to save them when their time runs out.  These pups desperately need our help, we are their last hope!

Click the Picture to Save One More!

 Florida Little Dog Rescue Group rescues dogs from all over the state of Florida, but our main focus is the Central Florida area.  Our volunteers live anywhere from Tallahassee to Tampa, but almost all of our dogs are fostered in the Orlando area.  We are 100% volunteer-based, which means no overhead or salary costs.  Your donation is used directly for dog care. We do not receive government funds. We are entirely supported by charitable donations.

We ensure that each dog is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworms and other parasites, examined by a vet and treated for any known conditions prior to adoption.  All known medical information is fully disclosed to new families.  While awaiting adoption, the dogs live in foster homes that provide love, patience and TLC to the pups! A pup's stay in foster care could vary from several days to several weeks, depending upon the dog's conditions and needs.  Unlike shelter or kennel living, fostering the pups in a home environment allows us to personally evaluate each dog for behavior and temperament issues.  We are able to see how they interact and react to other animals and children, if they are house trained, like to go for walks, play ball, etc. and that makes it easier to know what type of home/family would be best suited for them!

Please note, we are not a shelter. We do not have a kennel or facility that you can visit and see all the dogs. Each dog is fostered in an individual home. We do rescue out of our private homes and in our spare time. So, you cannot come visit our dogs until you have gone through the application and interview process and we have contacted you about scheduling a visit.  We do not have set "hours" and we answer all calls and emails as quickly as we can!

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    Florida Little Dog Rescue Group

    A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization

    Serving the Central Florida Area

    PO Box 702364
    St. Cloud, FL 34770
    Phone: 407-279-1127
    E-mail: littledogrescue@gmail.com
    Please note, we are not a shelter. We do not have a kennel or facility that you can visit and see all the dogs. Each dog is fostered in an individual home. We do rescue out of our private homes and in our spare time. So, you cannot come visit our dogs until you have gone through the application and interview process and we have contacted you about scheduling a visit.  We do not have set "hours" and we answer all calls and emails as quickly as we can!
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